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The following resources are available for you to view or freely download and use as you desire. If you click the buttons you will be able to view the documents or video, if you right click on the buttons you will have a popup menu that gives you the chance to save the document to your local computer instead and then you can view from there. This is especially beneficial for viewing the College Recruiting Webinar.

Top 10 Tips for Recruiting

This document contains the Top 10 pieces of advice that Coach Dalton has compiled for any softball player interested in being recruited to play ball in college through years of speaking with college coaches.

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College Recruiting Rules

This document identifies the formal rules that are in place for NCAA recruiting so that you completely understand what you and prospective coaches can and can’t do to ensure the process goes smooth.

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College Recruiting Webinar

This streaming video is from a College Recruiting Webinar that I presented in December 2010. Webinar is best done after downloading and printing the College Webinar Handout and Sample Profile documents. Webinar is 97 minutes long.

Play Webinar

College Webinar Handout

This document contains the slides and information that was used for the college recruiting webinar

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Sample College Profile

This document illustrates the format for a basic college profile.

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D1 Schools with Softball

This link contains a list of all D1 schools with softball orgranized by conference and will show you the schools field and the coaches email address. Understand that this is a third party site and may not contain the most recent information so you should double check coaches name and email with the school’s website

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Help finding the right school that fits you

This link will allow you to select area of country, major, cost, and softball program level so that you can narrow down schools that are a perfect fit for you.

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