Bunting Videos

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First time ever that I refused to allow my players to dive as the introduction to the videos. Instead, I had to do it. Because there are times it’s not about you. It’s about THE TEAM. Both Lauren and Amanda can SPANK the ball. But they both know that when their team needed a runner advanced, they needed to do their job.
Like any other skill, BUNTING requires thought and practice. I’m telling you, if you through these videos you WILL get your bunts down and you WILL help your team WIN.
I’m so convinced of the importance of bunting that when I coach teams I literally have every player bunt, every pitch, every at bat in our first game.
No strikes…. bunt.
1 strike…. bunt.
2 strikes … bunt.
No outs … bunt.
1 out … bunt.
2 outs … bunt.
Bases clear … bunt.
Bases loaded … bunt.
I know that seems crazy but game situations cause pressure I can’t simulate in practice. I need every player to know, that in any situation I will need her to get her bunt down. That unlike, other coaches I wasn’t going to give in to the “but I really want to hit a home run” mentality and let them swing, even with 2 strikes.

Bunting – Part 1

Bunting- Part 2

Bunting- Part 3