Softball Cruise

Besides Coach Dalton the presenters for next years cruise will include:
Leah Amico is a 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist.
Plus a crud ton more achievements for this outstanding woman.

Dana Reiss has been a cruiser favorite for the last 2 cruise clinics and has a lot to offer in addition to just the physical aspect of pitching. Real experience and an incredible passion for helping others improve.

What can you expect of Softball Cruise Clinic 5?

Think we can’t “get physical” on board a cruise? Think again. The cruise is very accommodating to our needs and if you think speed and agility drills are fun on land, you need to try them on a moving cruise ship. We will have access to rooms, decks and the sports court.

What about the parents?

“The cruise is probably just for the kids and the poor parents will have nothing to do.” Wrong.

There are sessions for parents as well. You gotta love that.

Of course you could always sleep or soak up the sun instead. 🌞

Getting Dirty in the Bahamas?

Did I mention that we will do a joint softball clinic on fields in the Bahamas?

Come on, that’s CRAZY COOL!!!!!!

GETTING DIRTY has never been more fun.

The field image is from Cruise Clinic 2 with Crystl Bustos and Taryne Mowatt.Β It was a day I’ll never forget, and neither will the players.

More Info
Feel free to reach out to Coach Dalton at [email protected] if you would like to understand more about the cruise. I’m happy to share my 2 previous experiences and help you understand why I think so highly of the experience and what it does for players.

Or just follow the information on the flyer to contact Smooth Sailing Cruises directly: Reece Oslinker at 570-424-0918 or [email protected]