Should Princesses Play Softball – Part 2

In Princesses Part 1 – I asked you to consider whether or not Princesses should play softball. I offered several character traits that I believe Disney Princesses had that would make them ideal softball players and teammates. I shared why I hoped my grand daughters would emulate those traits when they get old enough to start playing this game. Hopefully the post both entertained you and challenged you. Yes challenged you.

I hope you had the time to think through the fact that this game is about so much more than just the physical skills we see occur during the games. Challenged coaches to think about the type of person their players were and whether or not they were expecting them to demonstrate good character or whether or not they are ok with good players that win but behave poorly in the dugout and in the rest of their lives. Challenged players to wonder which princess traits they represented best and which they may be dramatically lacking in.

I asked my personal batting students to think it through as well. To think through “princess behaviors” and find one or more character traits that I missed. One of my youngest students wrote back that Disney Princesses never gave up. Despite being in a hole they always fought to succeed then said “just like you have to do when you lose the first game of a tournament you can just give up and go home or you can keep fighting.”

This week in my video I take the opposite approach and I discuss three traits about princesses that I most certainly do not want my grand daughters to emulate. Traits that I hope to help them avoid. I hope you enjoy the video and the fun in thinking through this odd question. But more importantly I hope it’s sparked something in you, coaches and players that will make you strive for a little more.

I sincerely hope that your career is a true-life fairy tale.

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