What Position Should I Play?

That’s a GREAT question!!!

One that players ask me all of the time. “I like playing this” “Dad wants me to play this” “Coach won’t let me play this but I want to.”

Probably all of the same things that have gone through your head more than once or twice in your career.

With my youngest granddaughter in mind I sat down and wrote out my thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed my two previous posts on Princesses but my youngest granddaughter doesn’t like getting her braided all fancy-schmancy and is unwilling to wear a princess costume. What she is though is absolutely fearless. She is also open to trying to new things and persists at them until she’s got it. Of course, I tend to persist at things as well so I tried to be creative and work her and the Disney Princesses into a serious, thought-provoking article on what position you should play.

To me the most important part of choosing what position you should play is to identify who you are. What are your strengths? What skills has God blessed you with that make you unique? What position are you best suited to succeed at? In fact succeed is kind of a weak word. What position are you best suited to stand out and shine at? Often the easiest way to learn about ourselves is to study others so I’d like to introduce you to Team Disney the newest of the elite level travel softball teams.

Team Disney is obviously coached by Belle. She’s strong, smart and doesn’t judge a book by a (its) cover. Clearly great qualities for a softball coach. More importantly she isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with a Beast so I know she’d do a great job with umpires and athletic directors at the collegiate level or booster club presidents at the high school level.

The pitcher for the team is clearly Rapunzel. She is one tough chick. She simply won’t back down and absolutely will go after the hitters that other pitchers fear. Plus she clearly has the hair to pull off all of the hairdos and support the various forms of hair bling that seem to be required of the position to distract batters.

How about the hot corner at third base? Is there a “princess” that is really suited for that role? Hello! The title for her biographical movie was Brave so clearly Merida can own that position with no problem.

How about the newest Disney character Queen Elsa? She can literally throw frozen ropes and we all know that is a key trait of short stops. Her sister Princess Anna has a true gift of supporting the main character and sacrificing herself. So she’s obviously going to catch.

More than likely if you are old enough to be reading this and play the sport you are likely very athletic. You can “play” any position and likely do what your coach asks of you. Before I go further know that I’m all about you playing whatever position your coach/team needs you to play. But I’m not talking about just “playing positions.” I’m talking about choosing to play the position that lines up with your individual skills and interests so well that you will standout playing the position and redefine what coaches start looking for in others. Kind of like the way Pocahontas would stand out in Center Field. Fast. Check. Depth perception. Check. Can paint with all the colors of the wind and go where she knows it will carry the ball and not just track where it is going at first. Check.

Yes, your momma will get better close ups of you if you play first base instead of right field, but is that really the best position for you to utilize your crazy God given speed? You’re a pretty good pitcher now in 12U because you are bigger/stronger than other pitchers your age. But the problem is you hate practicing, so you don’t and you know that others keep getting better and you aren’t. Why not find the position that does thrill you and makes you want to give everything you have for it? So that in 2 years you are the one standing out and passing up the other girls who are stronger in those positions right now.

I know there are many parents, friends and fans in the stands that cheer more for particular “positions” than they do for others. I get that there are lots of girls fighting over certain positions and turning their noses up at others. Many who believe that there certain positions that only exist so that bench warmers can actually get into games now and then. But I’m praying that both you and my granddaughter Hannah aren’t influence by any of them. That your decisions of choosing a position to dedicate hours and hours and hours and hours of practice will be based on the position that lets your talents and your passions absolutely shine. Whether you or she wears a tiara off the field or not really isn’t my concern. But helping you line up your skills, talents, passion with the right position to make you shine on the field like a princess is.

Since writing this post back in March of 2014 for Fastpitch.TV, Hannah has become quite the softball player, is still pretty fearless and does like having her hair done with beautiful braids. She is the one in the blue helmet after a head first dive into home for a big rally beginning run. 

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